The US and Canada are expected to close their border. Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau agreed to stop crossings for tourism and recreation on Wednesday. They’re finishing the details of the agreement, and it could go into effect today.

More regions could be locked down. Last night, governor Gavin Newsom asked California’s 40 million residents to stay home, leaving only for essentials. Argentina also imposed a nation-wide lockdown.

North American markets might have a better morning. After the Bank of England cut rates, following similar stimulus measures by the central banks of the US, Japan, and the EU, stocks across Asia were upbetween 1.5% and 5.5% this morning(but Japan fell 1%), and European markets also opened higher.

Luxury car makers closed factories. Bentley, founded in London 101 years ago and now owned by German giant VW, and the slightly younger Tesla are both ceasing production, the former entirely and the latter only partially, because of coronavirus.

Senate Republicans introduced a package that would provide hundreds of billions of dollars in business loans, large corporate tax cuts and checks of as much as $1,200 for taxpayers.

After saying last month that the U.S. was “better prepared than ever before” to confront the virus, Senator Richard Burr, Republican of North Carolina and chairman of the Intelligence Committee, sold hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of stock before the markets plunged. Three other senators — Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California; James Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma; and Kelly Loeffler, Republican of Georgia — also sold major holdings, according to disclosure records.

And Finally.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida Sen. Rick Scott had a strong message Thursday for those packing the beaches in the state amid the coronavirus outbreak: “Get off the beach.”

“Unless you can figure out how to completely be isolated from anybody else, I mean, this is — individuals have to take responsibility and every, every level of government has to be very clear, don’t be on the beach unless you can be somehow completely by yourself,” the former governor told CNN’s John Berman on “New Day.”