Florida man warning others after getting fake coronavirus stimulus check in mail

On Friday, President Trump signed into law a historic $2 trillion stimulus package that will put money in the hands of Americans as the fight against the spread of COVID-19 continues.

However, checks won’t be arriving in the mail for a couple of weeks, so when the Brooksville resident got the official-looking envelope on Thursday, something clearly wasn’t right.

The envelope on the outside reads “Time-Sensitive Fast-Tracked Open Immediately.”

The fake check has the line ‘Stimulus Relief Program’ printed in the top left corner and is made out for more than $3,000. 

“Just the address that says they will only be there temporarily with a tent until April 5. But if you really read it you’ll see it’s talking about selling cars and such. But they even call their tent a ‘relief headquarters.'”

He posted the photos to Facebook to give others a heads up about people trying to use the coronavirus for their own financial gain.

“Many people, especially the elderly, won’t read/understand this and will be driving there thinking they will be getting relief money only to be harassed by a car salesman.”

Credit: FOX5DC

Thomas Andrews
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