What is a Sugar Buddy?

Written by Double G

September 3, 2019

Sugar buddy
A non sexual relationship where one friend financially carries the other friend in times of no money – or just because. (Most often involving an older gentleman and a young female companion).

Is that true?  If you buy drinks at the bar constantly or more often for the same person or group of people, then are you a sugar buddy?

It was explained to me that GEN Z females want just that, a Sugar Buddy.  Not a Sugar Daddy, cause they don’t want to do anything for the funds (not that I am suggesting anyone should).  This is what concerns me about the digital age.  I just found out that there is a site dedicated to this.

Sample ad I found today: 

If are looking for a genuine girlfriend that will listen to your problems, share her stories with you and be nice, I’m here.  I’ll always agree with you, let you cry on my shoulder when your partner isn’t listening, get massages together and even be your designated driver.  I am your girl.  Strictly platonic.

So are you just handing your cash app and venmo ID on social networks now?  You come up missing some limbs or something one day.  Let’s be smart people, although some of you will say this is smart, get it while you can.

I won’t lie, I too can be paid to be someone’s friend.

Double G
Author: Double G

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