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October 3, 2023

Local events happening in town
There is a boat show happening this week at the convention center with vendors selling boats, motors, and accessories. One man built a motorized picnic bench boat to take out on the lake.

Excitement about upcoming sports seasons
With MLB playoffs, college football, NHL season starting, and NBA trades, they discuss the upcoming games, matchups, seasons starting, and trades generating excitement.

Concerns over social media impacts
We express worries about social media influencers promoting bad behavior and violence by livestreaming crimes and inappropriate acts. Also concerns over lack of attention span and anger caused by social media.

Self-incrimination through livestreams and posts
There is discussion of many people proudly posting illegal acts online through livestreams and social media posts, as well as rap lyrics leading to arrests, showcasing lack of awareness.

Full Steam Ahead: Brightline, Humanity, and the Startup Spirit of OnlyFans Liquid Late Nites Network

It Seems Like We've Forgotten How to Get Off a Plane Like Decent Human Beings Hillsboro County Brightline Additions SAG-AFTRA reaches tentative agreement with Hollywood studios Onlyfans business runs like tech startup and makes money like one too    Tampa is all in on Bright line CD doesn't know about Onlyfans but understands cash flow. SAG strike is over but Marvel still shuffling  Where can we find us one of those jobs that pays you more to leave than to stay? Josh Dobbs will play quarterback in space. EDC returned to Orlando   Travis and Taylor in Buenos Aires…the whole world is watching
  1. Full Steam Ahead: Brightline, Humanity, and the Startup Spirit of OnlyFans
  2. Fast X and chill
  3. It’s The Equinox Baby!
  4. Don’t Worry Be Happy
  5. I’m sorry that’s just me
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