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Want to stop feeling derailed by distraction, learn how to to streamline every important area of your life, and watch your business expand with ease as a result? 

Gene Downing

How to Organize Your Life, Home Office and Routines for More “fun, flow, and happiness”


Our profound passion motivates us to assist you in achieving your financial and wellness goals. We are committed to offering personalized guidance and expertise that aligns with your unique aspirations. Our dedication lies in empowering you to cultivate a healthier, more satisfying life by enhancing your understanding and overall well-being.

Does This Sound Like You?

Feel like your life is one, big unorganized mess & it’s really time to get it together, but don’t know where to start?

Do You Have A Plan

You don’t have solid routines or structure in your days because you started your business for more freedom–but truth be told, it’s draining and time-consuming trying to keep up with all your commitments (and “life stuff”) without a plan.

Do You Have Support

You’re struggling to get it all done in your business because you’re constantly stressing about everything else–like the dirty dishes in the sink, or the laundry that most definitely needed to be moved from the washer to the dryer several hours ago (oops!)

Do You Prep

You’re eating like crap because you haven’t planned a meal ahead in months. (You’re way-too-familiar with the frantic search for something–anything–to eat at the end of a long work day, and never actually making it yoga, HIIT or barre despite your best intentions).

Do You Have Accountability

Overall, you’re overwhelmed by all the things in your life and business and it’s reflected in everything from your waistline to your bottom line.  

Then keep your eyes on this page.


Here’s the deal: Everything in life is connected. And as a business owner, the truth is you’ll get lots more done (and have way more fun!) if you create solid structures, plans & routines.

For Example


When your home is organized you can hyper-focus on your work without secretly obsessing about the dirty bathrooms or the major mess in the family room (And when your office space is clean & pristine, it becomes a place you actually want to be.)


When you have routines in place that ensure you’re well-nourished with healthy food, well-rested with adequate sleep and well-manicured with self-care rituals, you feel creatively full (versus energetically drained) when serving your cherished clients or customers.


And when your finances are in check, you can enjoy life (and enjoy spending a little cashola) without sweating over what bill is coming out when and whether everyone on your team is paid out (or not).

See How It Works?

Yep, when you’re a business owner, it ALL matters. Your mental health–and the health of your business–truly depends on every area of life and business flowing well together. (Especially if you’re the face–and backbone!–of your business).

The good news? You can start simplifying, streamlining and “doing” life and business with more intention today.

Yep, with just a few tweaks, you can ensure every single area of your life is “in check” and (almost) instantly start experiencing more fun, happiness and ease in your daily life.


How to Organize Your Life, Home Office and Routines  for More “fun, flow, and happiness”

In this life-changing training, you’ll learn how to organize everything from your home office to your self care routines (and all the things in between!) with just a few hours a week, so you can accomplish both what you need to and what you’d love to.

We’ll comb through the main areas of your life and put some simple, actionable routines and practices into place–and as a result, you’ll get to see firsthand how everything flows better, faster and easier!

Here's A Peak At What We'll Cover...

✓ Advantages of organizing your life so it all flows together

✓ The best systems for streamlining your weekly tasks–from cleaning to meal prepping and back again–for more productivity and pleasure

✓ How to efficiently eliminate distractions (like ahem, dirty laundry) during your day so you can get more done with less stress

✓ How to make meal planning, prepping, cooking and shopping 100x easier on yourself–especially as a business owner!

✓ Creating a less stressful business day through structure, routine & boundaries, so you can easily get into the groove/flow

✓ Managing your money and finances so you’re not forever-wondering if you paid that bill (or if you have enough to pay that bill) while crafting content, serving clients or living your life

✓ Living your life in line with your natural rhythms and inclinations. (i.e. If you prefer working at night, allow yourself the luxury!) all while being a better business owner (and human)

✓ Crafting an ideal schedule that includes both home and work tasks so you can make sure every area of your life is tended to, every day

When we’re done, you’ll have a plan for everything and everything will have a plan. Period.

De-Stress Your Personal Life & Watch Your Productivity Soar!

Just imagine this scenario for a minute…

Feeling confident that everything that needs to get done will get done because you have a plan for it all (read: no longer will the dirty dishes distract you from your clients–or detract from your cashflow!)

Handling everything from the laundry to the grocery shopping to your fitness routine to your freakin’ client boundaries like a total freakin’ boss–and no longer running around like a crazy person

Ample free time and mental space to be creative because your personal life (and those darn dirty dishes) won’t be leaking into your psyche during coaching calls (or while you’re speaking on a new Livestream

Freedom to drop the ball (or several balls!) without fear that your life will implode

It’s all possible – and so, so much more!

This training is simple, but oh-so-effective.


Weather you’re the one who can’t seem to get the laundry done every week (until you have something important to work on-then said laundry suddenly seems very important)…

…or you’re struggling to eat healthy or work on your fitness because you simply don’t know when, how or where to make it happen

(especially with #allthethings you have to do as a small business owner)…

…or you’ve got a few routines in place (#selfcaresundays), but want to streamline them all so they make sense for your life…

you’re in the right place.

When one area of your life flows like bubble champagne on New Year’s Eve, it overlows nicely into every other area.  And when one are doesn’t flow so well?  Well, you know.  Not great.

And sure, you could absolutely Google this on your own. (Everything is on Google these days, let’s be real.)

But finding a way to make these areas work for you as a small business owner is a special art. And this training takes your entire life and business into consideration.

Nope, you don’t have to come up with any of these organization strategies alone. I’ve laid it all out for you. All you have to do is show up, tune in and start applying these oh-so-simple strategies today.

So what do you say? Ready to get your life–and business–together?

See you on the inside!


Gene Downing


P.S. This course is backed by my 100% guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to build a better, more satisfying business, simply email me for a fast, courteous refund.


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