I find the light in the darkness.

Written by Gene Downing

January 1, 2024

There is always light somewhere.

I have an incredible opportunity today to seek out light. I know I can step out of the darkness at any point.

I understand this now because I have lived in darkness before.

I am a strong person now because I have been through dark times. It took some serious soul searching to get out of the dark hole. But now I know I can survive because I have hope. I found hope when I was in the darkest depths.

This experience helps me find the light. I can see the exit when darkness comes. I open my eyes and step out of the darkness.

I refuse to let go, and I refuse to give up. I refuse to quit.

I keep looking for light. I can always find the light. Now, I look for it every day. I always have light. Every day I wake up, there is light.

Light is ever present without a beginning or end. It is everywhere. Light is everything, and everything has light.

Today, I look for the light. I seek out answers to my problems. Whatever comes my way, I know I can handle it because my experience has shown me that I am capable of finding light in the darkest depths.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have I felt hopeless?
2. Am I able to trust my intuition at such times?
3. How can I find the light if I am in despair?

Gene Downing
Author: Gene Downing

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