7 Ways to Overcome Fear of Learning a New Skill Through Mistakes

Written by Double G

December 29, 2023

Fear.  It is a word that usually causes us to feel anxious or afraid, but fear can also be a motivator. The truth is fear exists for good, not bad. It aims to keep us safe and protect us from harm.

However, sometimes this fear gets out of hand. It can make us feel paralyzed by worry, unable to act. And overcoming that type of fear can be essential to growing as a person.

Let’s take learning a new skill, for instance. Most people aren’t born with every single talent downloaded into their brains. We need to study how to do everything from writing to driving to cooking, and doing each of these uses entirely different skills.

Naturally, any person will make mistakes on the path to learning any new skill. But the fear of making mistakes can make us want to give up. One of the most effective ways of overcoming the fear of learning a new skill is through experimentation.

Although this might sound counterintuitive, taking risks and making mistakes can make you more confident. When you try something new and succeed, you gain confidence that you can accomplish other tasks, too.

So how else can you overcome your fear of learning a new skill? Try these tips:

  1. Take note of your feelings. Many people have a hard time talking about their feelings. They don’t want to be judged or criticized, and they run and hide when their emotions get too much to handle.
  • But when you’re going through a challenging experience, it’s normal to have strong feelings, so it’s a good idea to communicate openly with those around you. And if you find that you aren’t getting the support you need, seek out a counselor or mentor to help you on your journey.
  1. Consider the long term, not quick wins. It’s easy to get discouraged when just starting on a challenging task. You may feel like you’re getting distracted and discouraged by setbacks so that you can’t focus entirely on your new project.
  • But it’s important to remember that persistence pays off in the long run. So, take your time at first and don’t expect to be perfect right away.
  1. Embrace your fear. Challenges are part of life, so you can overcome your fears by accepting that they exist and are temporary — not permanent.
  • That doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to minimize your worries, but it’s important to remind yourself that you’re not without hope or options.
  1. Stop and breathe. It’s easy to let stress and anxiety take over when learning a new skill. And when you’re stressed, it’s normal to have trouble concentrating on your work.
  • But if you take time out to cut yourself some slack or take a power break, such as exercising, you can put your worries in perspective and give yourself a renewed sense of focus.
  1. Concentrate on giving, not just taking. When you’re learning a new skill, the process might feel daunting. You can try another approach. Volunteer at a local animal shelter or teach children how to play chess.
  • These activities bring joy to many people, and you’ll no doubt meet people that share the same passion for learning that you also have.
  • Volunteering also helps you learn new skills, including interpersonal communication and leadership. You’ll also do your mental health a world of good.
  1. Search for freebies and skill shares. There are a lot of websites out there that teach skills for free. These websites offer more than 1,000 free video courses on everything from math and science to history and finance.
  • Skill share is an online community that offers classes in almost every conceivable study area, from photography to baking to public speaking. Starting with free options like these releases the pressure of paid courses and lets you learn at your own pace.
  1. Recognize that fear is a tool you can use. Try not to let fear prevent you from trying new things or pursuing your career goals. Fear is a natural feeling, and most of us have felt it at some point in our lives.
  • But you can also learn to use it to your advantage. For example, you can use it as motivation to learn new things. Use fear as a sign you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into a place of growth.

Fear will come and go in any person’s life. But we don’t have to let fear get the better of us.

When we learn a new skill, a fear of failure can be the thing that keeps us from making progress.

But we can overcome it by using various techniques, including setting boundaries and giving ourselves power breaks. So, when fear holds you back, don’t give in. Take action to overcome your fears.

Double G
Author: Double G

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