Discussing this week: Pennsylvania couple face jail due to bank mistake

Written by Double G

September 9, 2019

What would you do?

A Pennsylvania couple is accused of stealing after making purchases on $120,000 that were mistakenly credited to their bank account.

36-year-old Robert Williams and his wife, 35-year-old Tiffany Williams, appeared in court after they spent someone else’s money for two and a half weeks.

They spent most of their contingent income on purchases, including an SUV, two cars, and a car trailer. They also used money to pay bills, repair cars, and gave $15,000 dollars to friends, Fox News reported.

State police said that BB&T accidentally deposited a large amount of money into the account of a couple on May 31st due to a technical error of a bank teller. But by June 19, the couple spent the entire amount on purchases,

After agreeing to pay the bank back via a payment plan, they ghosted the bank. With that, they were prosecuted for theft and receipt of stolen property.

For open discussion. What would you have done? Do you think they should go to jail? What should happen to the teller?

We look forward to discussing on the liquid latenites podcast this week.

Double G
Author: Double G

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