Hustlers quick review

Written by Adrian Lewis

September 18, 2019

Based on a true story Hustlers is about a group of women who came up with a plan to survive the Great Recession by using the Wall Street bankers who originally came into the strip club to use them. Its a very good and surprising crime drama that turns these women into surrogate family, headed by Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez. The Oscar Buzz on Jlo is real! Every scene she is in she owns the room. This is probably her best work since Selena. And yes she look amazing. Her and Will Smith obviously got the same super soldier serum in the 90s because its all good! This movie is very female driven and while its centers on the strip club world it never feels exploitative. In fact the showing I went to was predominantly female and opening weekend numbers has it just behind It :Chapter 2 so the audience was there for this. Now while Cardi B and Lizzo are featured in the credits and trailer don’t be fooled : they have one to 2 scenes each and then disappear for the rest of the movie. I will say there is a cameo in the movie that when it happens I would have to say it might be the most perfect moment in a stripper movie ever made. Trust me! Overall I really enjoyed this film.

Rating: 7.5 of 10

Jlo’s ass 10 out of 10

Adrian Lewis
Author: Adrian Lewis

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  1. Gene D.

    Now I have to see this for myself. Excellent review!

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