KFC, why are you doing this?

Written by Double G

September 19, 2019

Good grief, KFC. You have done it again. Why do I say again? Well, do you remember the KFC Double Down, the KFC Famous bowl and the hot dog wrapped up in an entire piece of fried chicken? Get ready for the KFC Donut Sandwich.

I will tell you this though, it is not that original of a thought. For fans of the Aaron McGruder series Boondocks, you know this is yet another prediction. Also if you are a fan, you know that The Boondocks will be revived at HBO Max, more on that later.

I present to you, “The Luther”

Boondocks – Season 1, Episode 10 (The Itis)

I present to you “The Knockoff”


As the name implies, priced at $5.99, this is a finger-lickin’ crispy chicken filet between two glazed doughnuts. Believe it our not, you can get the basket, which is crispy tenders with a couple of, you guessed it, glazed doughnuts.

KFC has “doubled downed” on clucking Popeyes and Chick fil-A, ahem. If you have no hope left and want to leave it all on the table, then PRESS PLAY BELOW FOR THE FALLOUT:

I’m sure it’s just “the itis”.

Double G
Author: Double G

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